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Kurisitaru's Wonderings

beautiful suffering

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"A woman is like a tea bag, you can never tell how strong she is until she is dipped in hot water." ~Unknown

What can I say about me? I'm messy, adorable, sweet, a procrastinating student, tough, outgoing, self revealing, open, a risk taker, like the unknown, I love being loved, make friends easily, dance when no one is looking, love a good romance, I can be reckless, optimistic, positive, strong, independent, ambivalent about chaos, think I'm funny, love the abstract, I'm impractical, not good at saving money, fearless, trusting, a thrill seeker, not rule conscious, enjoy leadership, not like a lot of girls, one in a million, I'm one of a kind baby, I'm simply just me.

My deepest secret, I'm a sucker for a guy with a crooked smile and an open mind.

Snow forts

Calvin and Hobbes

Laughing until my stomach hurts

Dancing in the rain

Video/computer/hand-held gaming

Art and Creativity

Walking barefoot on the grass

Getting lost


Curling up near a fire with a good book

Cats and Dogs

A good joke


Since we all know we can't truly "internet" describe ourselves without some rather spiffy giffs... I added some da STAMPS!

abstraction, absurdity, animals, anime, arguing, art, astronomy, australia, avoiding debt, battle star galactica, beethoven, birds, blink 182, blue skies, bob marley, bonsai, books, cafes, calvin & hobbes, childrens' books, chocolate, claymation, coffee, comedy, compassion, complaining, computers, conversation, cooking, cosplay, creativity, crossing things off lists, cuddling, dance dance revolution, death cab for cutie, debating, deviant art, diet & nutrition, different perspectives, dogs, doves, dragon quest, dragons, drawing, dreams, dysfunctional people who function anyways, e.e. cummings, eating tasty animals, edward scissorhands, entertainment, environmentalism, enya, essays, evolution, exercise, exploration, exterminating every last mosquito, extreme logic, family guy, fighter games, final fantasy, first person shooters, flogging molly, flute, foreign languages, games, gardening, geek, global warming, green tea, happiness, harry potter, hentai, hiking, history, honesty, hope, horizons, ideas, individuality, intelligence, interests with more than four words, kittens, late night walks, learning, led zeppelin, listening, logic, making lists, math, music, mythology, nerdy, new york times, nintendo, nintendo ds, numbers, painting, pandas, piano, pixies, poetry, political science, pondering, pro-choice, procrastinating, ps2, puzzles, rain, random, rants, reading, recycling, reggae, religious debates, romance, rp, school, science, self-discipline, sex, shopping, sleeping in, sleeping under the stars, smashmouth, social issues, south park, sports, stand-up comedy, stars, staying awake, stubborn people, sundays, sunset, sushi, techno, technology, tegan and sara, the right to die, theoretical discussions, theories, training for the zombocalypse, travel, u2, unapologetically spelling like an american, wallace & gromit, wishing, wit, writing, x-box